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Born in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.
I was born and raised in a home of craftsmen; I had the chance to experience
and learn many different things since I was little.

I went to a design institute and I discovered the world of photography accidentally.
I was working at the design of a poster, as my first project, but I wasn’t satisfied
with the photos taken by somebody else for this project, so I began to study the
art of photography so that I could take better pictures by myself.
Once I discovered photography, I became completely captured by this art.
I continued to work and study the art of photography day and night.
And when my tremendous passion connected me with what became my second
love,music, I made the most important decision of my life: to become a
professional photographer.
Ever since, from the love for these two arts, many photographs of artists and
musicians have been born.

In 1986 I set up a studio in Meguro, Tokyo where I've been building my own
experience by photographing many Japanese and foreign artists and taking many
other kinds of pictures.
I also took pictures for CD jackets, music and fashion magazines, advertising,
and many others.
I was lecturer at many photography schools, camera manufacturers,
TV documentaries and programs.

As part of my lifework, I put a lot of effort in monochrome artistic photography
and so in 2004 I held a photo exhibition in Firenze, Italy (Palazzo Vecchio,
Palazzo Strozzi) with such artworks.
Currently he is actively performing presentations of Japanese culture in many
countries of the world.
研究し、この大きな情熱が、もう一つの 自身が愛する “音楽” と衝撃的に

人物をメインに 様々な分野での撮影経験を経て、1986年 東京目黒に自身
なり、現在に至るまで CDジャケット、音楽誌、ファッション誌、広告等
番組 等に出演。

2004年 伊・フィレンツェ にて作品展をスタート。(ヴェッキオ宮殿、
ストロッツィ宮殿 他)

日本文化を世界に紹介すべく、現在 各国に向け意欲的に活動を展開中。

copyright Hisashi Itoh 伊東ひさし